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Jana Bobek

Jana and Nicole

A True Inspiration

     As we all know, skaters don't make it to the top by themselves. They have support by their family and friends throughout the whole trip.  Jana Bobek didn't just give her support to Nicole.  She gave her life to Nicole.  Jana became a single mother with the rambunctious Nicole on the date of August 23, 1997.  When Nicole's talent was realized at the young age of four, Jana dedicated her life to Nicole from that point on. She found as many odd jobs as possible; one of which was selling ice cream.  While most skaters had two parents to earn money, Nicole had Jana, and Jana had Nicole.  You could say they were and still are a team.  Jana goes to most of Nicole's competitions and even most of the stops during the Champions on Ice tour.  When Nicole lands a jump, they both are happy, but when Nicole performs a lackluster routine, they both feel the pain.  As a matter of fact, Jana was also a skater herself growing up in Chez. Nicole obviously gets her stunning looks from Jana who was a model back in her day.  Many people don't understand the dedication that families put in to their young prodigies.  I hope that all fans of Nicole have as much repsect for Jana as I do now.