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     Before reading this article, you should know what it does not completely praise Nicole. It was intended to be a full depiction of her career thus far, good or bad.  Nicole is human, and she made mistakes.  Those mistakes and failures are a part of her past as much as her great achievements are as well.  Hopefully, this biography will give everyone a better sense of who Nicole really is and what events have cause her to be her.  I have certainly become an even bigger fan after learning of all of Nicole's troubles and problems.

"Nicole Bobek: One in a Million"

     Click. Click. Click. The roller coaster slowly climbs the hill. Nicole Bobek is born August 23, 1977. The cart of the roller coaster takes it first major drop. Nicole learns at an early age that she is different from other children; she has an extra mother figure and no father. The roller coaster climbs its second hill at a racing paste. Nicole's natural talent and charisma is discovered at the early age of three. She was an extremely bright child," says Bobek's first coach, Debbie Stoery, "and her gift was obvious." The roller coaster goes down; the roller coaster goes up. Similarly, Nicole Bobek's entire life has been a consecutive path of ups and downs that will rival any roller coaster ever built.

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