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Since there is no specific page with just Nicole review on the COI review page like there is for Michelle, Tod, Tara, and Ilia, I have decided to make one.  This page will say how Nicole has done at most of the stops during the tour.

All information on this page was taken from COI Reviews .

COI Sites:

Baltimore, April 8

By Julianna Marten,

Nicole: A. Franklin medly-big 2-axel (so high) and her signature spiral dazzles--she really does thrive on being out there--hit 3 t loop with ease--in fact, hit every thing-her eye contact with the audience is amazing

By Paula Slater,

BOBEK skated pretty well! She did a number to "I Will Survive" and seemed pretty upbeat. She ore a blue dress if I recall.

Washington, April 10-11

By Katja,

-Nicole Bobek-I Will Survive and other 70s song- She is just so much fun to watch. I can't wait to see her go pro.

By Julia Linthicum,

Nicole Bobek - Nicole started off the blast from the past part of our performances with a medley of "I Will Survive", "Natural Woman" and "Respect". She performed quite well.

By Kathryn Yeates,

Nicole did "You Make Me Feel like a Natural Woman". Did a pretty good job, but I liked her Evita number from last year better.

Philadelphia, April 12

By Lorrie Kim,

When Bobek came on, I thought to myself, "Okay, girlie, prove yourself to me." I think this season is extremely important in establishing just who she's going to be as a skater. She started out strong and funny -- in "I Will Survive," as Gaynor sings about a lover doing her wrong, Bobek moved her head and neck like a woman telling someone off -- very much in Jerry Springer movement jargon, rather than ballet or inspirational. But partly due to dreadful music edits, the program lost steam, and I noticed that she landed two double axels, a triple toe, and fell on a triple toe and triple salchow. If this one performance is any indicator, the future does not look good.

By Heather Winfield,


Nicole skated to “Barbie Girl.” I almost didn’t recognize her...her hair looked different (it’s the cast picture, my mom didn’t even know who she was!)

Actual performance:

Nicole Bobek was next. She also got a big ovation from the crowd. Very cute number. Skated to “I Will Survive” and other ‘70s music. Really good for her! She landed her double axel and a triple, but fell on 2 of her triples. The audience didn’t care, though.


Nicole skated to some country thing (she must really like country...or the person that picks the music must think she does. Isn’t this the third year that she skated to country music?)

By Louis DiCesari

There wasn't anything too spectacular about the opening. Nicole Bobek hit her triple toe, skating to Barbie Girl (a new project for Laurent Tobel?).

Onto the actual skating....

Nicole Bobek came out and skated to a medley of "I Will Survive," "Natural Woman," and "Respect." Although all three have been done before, Nicole just has a spark that suits this program perfectly. She skated with a lot of speed and power, and I thought she was faster than both Slutskaya and Butyrskaya. It was a very respectable skate for Nicole with two triple toes (one toward the end), and two double axels. She also did an amazing and fast cannonball spin, which she held for at least 12-15 revolutions (I lost count). Nicole does not *have* to leave the eligible ranks; if she turns professional, it will be by choice. I selfishly hope she'll give the eligible circuit another year.

And now the finale....

Nicole treated us to a Biellmann spin, which hopefully means her hip is feeling better.

New Haven, April 14

By Christina,

Nicole Bobek-No I am not a fan, but she can work it. She looks more beautiful in person than on tv. She looked like she was glowing from head to toe. Of course, my dad got excited when she started down our way and shaked her butt. No falls. 2 3 Toes and a 2 axel to "I will survive" "Think" and Natural Woman." Her spiral was gorgeous and had a neat ending to her program, very effective. Looked happy to be here and skating well. Great job.

Providence, April 15


As usual, the opening is always my favorite part. Nicole Bobek came out with a long blonde curly wing, and skated to Aqua's 'Barbie Girl'. Landing a 3toe and doing a great illusion spin.

Nicole Bobek

The crowd in RI was (to say the least) flatline. Over the 4 years that I have attended this tour, this was by far the most subdued crowd. But that all seemed to change when Nicole Bobek took the ice. Skating to a medley of "I Will Survive," "Natural Woman," and "Respect." Nicole was able to breathe life into the audience.

Her opening sequence was full of sassy choreography that only Nicole could pull off. And to top it all off she hit everything (3-toe, 2-axel, 2-axel, 3-toe). One thing I noticed about Niocle's jumps is that they are solid. HUGE-FAST & FLOWING. Nicole works the program to the fullest - bobbin' her head and shakin' her behind. Great spins too! Her cannonball spin was unbelievable (the crowd let out a big 'AHHHHHHHHH'),then she did a variation biellman spin, her back-shoot-the-duck (hydroblading), illusion spin, and a spectacular spiral. Nicole was the first skater to get a Strong Ovation, and it was well deserved . . . Costume: Blue sleeveless & backless dress - very ornate & shiny.


Nicole skated to another country song ( Perfect Woman? ), And that is pretty much all I can remember.

Boston, April 18

By Tracy Marks

- Nicole - loved by the audience - combined her stunning costumes and magnetism with some nearly flawless skating....She may be inconsistent, but she's at peak at COI...and probably the sexiest and most magnetic of the female skaters...

By Amy Battis

There weren't too many falls (Bobek in the intro was the only one I remember clearly).

Albany, April 19

By Sherrill Ingalls,

Nicole Bobek--WOW. I have never seen her skate better. She hit two huge triple jumps and two huge double axels. Lots of speed and flow coming in and out. Her performance level was just off the scale. Every muscle, every effort, every expression just working away. I love the nice low, fast, extended sit spin she did. The music suits her and she owns it now, in my book. Nicole's costumes are either really good or really bad (like so much about her, really ) and this is a good one (red halter top, bare midriff, red short skirt). You could tell she was really pleased with herself, and I can certainly understand why having seen her lackluster performance just two nights earlier in Springfield.

Cincinnati, April 29

By Oly02

Nicole Bobek- Disco medley- Looked great. Crowd responded with loud applause when her name was called. It wasn't her night technically. Her toe slipped on an attempted 3toe and she doubled it, singled a 2axel, another 2toe. The crowd still loved her at the end.

Detroit, May 2

By Cassie

Nicole: Big ovation for her too, but she had a few problems on her jumps. She started out great and landed some beautiful triples, but then had a shaky landing, then a splat at the end. But, the disco is fun and everyone appreciated her. That spiral is even better in person.

By Joe,

Nicole fell on her jump while being introduced and skated pretty shaky in her "I Will Survive" number (another fall, and weak double axel). But she was pretty good on presentation and was entertaining.

Ames (IA), May 6

By Kyla,

Nicole Bobek skated to I Will Survive/Natural Woman/Respect. I can't always recognize all of the jumps but I do know she singled one and had some shaky landings on others. She has a beautiful spiral that got a great crowd reaction.

Minneapolis, May 7

By Karen Frank,

They were followed by Nicole Bobek (in big platinum wig) who was having fun with the song “Barbie Girl.” One thing about Nicole, when she is “on,” her whole personality seems to sparkle to the rafters, and she was definitely “on” last night.

As I mentioned earlier, Nicole was “on” last night, skating to her Gloria Gainor/Aretha Franklin medley. I saw her do a triple flip and a double axel, a nearly clean triple toe loop (stepped out of the landing), and she had the audience screaming with a fast and low sit spin.

By Kelly,

Nicole Bobek - really got into her number and had the crowd going. Clean 3toe, two 2axels, and a step out of another 3toe.

Nicole was also back there and there were a bunch of guys flexing their muscles and having her sign their arms. She liked that, LOL!!

Milwaukee, May 10

By Jennifer Danay,

Nicole-Loved the number but she had lots of jumping trouble.

By Sally,

Most diappointing: Nicole Bobek, without a doubt. I just can't take it any more. The girl has got to stand up sometime soon, In the "Survive" program, she saved her 2X, doubled another jump, and fell (sat) on two others. There can be no more excuses.

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