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Nicole Poems

"It's Just Nicole"

Who is as pretty as a flower?
Who skates around the ice with power?
Who spins around quick as a tire?
Oh, it’s just Nicole with Fire.

The girl with fire in her eyes.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise.
The spiral always looks so nice.
Oh, it’s just Nicole on ice.

Her triple toe loops go so high.
Her programs sometimes make us cry.
Her career we often miscontrue.
Oh, it’s just Nicole in blue.

So who’s that girl with charisma and spirit.
Come on it’s time! I want to hear it!
Who’s smile portrays such sparkle and shine?
Oh, it’s just Nicole in 99.

Nicole Bobek, A Limerick
by A Great Admirer

There was a skater named Bobek

Whose skating was never a wreck,

So graceful and light ,

Jumping like a sprite,

 the star for longer than a sec.

The End

Nicole is back with Callahan.

She'll win again the whole grand slam.

Nicole is gorgeous as can be,

emotional and carefree.

Nicole can win and stand on top,

with no one in front to steal her spot.

Nicole ,an artist from the start,

will compete and win my heart!!!!

by a Bobek Maniac

“A Special Girl”
by Bobek Maniacs Creator

Every day at the crack of dawn,
Nicole's alarm clock starts to clatter.
Nicole arises and picks up her skates
with which she hopes she will not splatter.
She is such a pretty girl.

All alone in a crazy city,|
Nicole shall go to train.
And with her oh so shinny skates,
she lands jumps on an icy plane.
She is surely a gifted girl.

As she picks into her Lutz,
her nostalgic thoughts face the past.
She is back to claim what she once owned.
She wants her title now to last.
She's always been a determined girl.

Before, she couldn't make up her mind.
The thought of training made her sick.
But ever since her Olympic skate,
the criticisms have been laid on thick.
The girl is an unlucky girl.

But try she might, and try she will.
She is back for good; She will say.
Her best ever will be this year,
and her fame and admiration shall stay.
She must be a very special girl.

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