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Breaking Bobek News

.Click here to learn about Nicole's new programs.
.Nicole still has here eye on the 2002 Olympics.Click here to learn more.
.Nicole did not receive a bye to nationals.Click here to learn more.
.Nicole withdrew from the Canadian Open.Click here to learn more.
.Nicole officially announced her plans to go to the next Olympics.
.Nicole looked great at the Improv.Click here to learn more.
.Nicole will be back on the ice November 28. Click here to learn more.
.Nicole recently pulled out of her two GP events.  Click here to learn why.
.To find out how Nicole did at the Grand Slam click here
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Nicole Bobek is one of the the most talented figure skaters today. This blond bombshell amazes all with her speed, expression, charisma, beauty, and presence. Once she finishes her programs, skating fans beg for more, and she has many different personalities that she portrays on the ice. Many consider Nicole to be one of the top figure skaters in the sport today. Nicole fans can guarantee that when Nicole steps out on the ice, she is anything but boring. I believe that,in the long run, being a Nicole fan will be worth everyone's while. I, for one, am proud to be a Bobek Maniac.

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- Improv-
Of Nicole two Improv performances, which do you like best?

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Please take note that I am not Nicole Bobek.  The only way to get in touch with her is though the mail.  ALL e-mails that are sent to me stating that I am Nicole will be unanswered.