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Nicole Bobek's CBS interview

Interviewer:How is it watching the Olympics on tv when you know that you are supposed to be a part of it?

Nicole:Yeah, it does feel a little bit weird, but this is what I had to do and I really miss the opening ceremonies.  I watched it on tv.  I could feel the energy, and I wish I was there. But I have to do what I have to do.

Interviewer: You are going to be here real soon,and you have been skating so well especially at Nationals.  Why have you been skating so well right now, and what do you expect from yourself once you actually get here?

Nicole:  I think that the reason why I have been skating so well lately is a lot of work, sticking to a schedule, pushing through all the hard time, and just keeping myself really focused. And when I was at the Nationals,  I was just totally into what I needed to do, and at the Olympics, I plan to go the same way.

Interviewer:  Discuss a little bit about the distraction of how it almost didn't come down to the three best skaters in the Nationals coming here to Nagano with tara Lipinski's rough start.  How badly did that hurt your feeling about yourself and being on the team?

Nicole:  I figured whatever happens is going to happen.  I just figured that I would do the best I could do, and they would have no choice but to send me.  So I just thought positive and not about what was going on around me.  I didn't do any press.  I didn't do anything.  I just skated and stuck to my job and that was it.

Interviewer:Everyone has been talking about Michele Kwan and Tara Lipinksi, Michelle Kwan and Tara Lipinski, and they are talking about a sweep, and that obviously includes you. But in this situation, is that kind of nice for you to be the one mentioned third in there to release the stress on you?

Nicole:  It's a little bit of mixed emotions.  It's a little sad in a way, but also it's good because it makes me work hard to prove to people that hay I am still here.  Don't forget about me.

Interviewer:Now the three of you even went so far as to make a commercial for cambel's soup.  Talk to me about the relationship that the three of you have, and what it was like to spend the whole day with them doing a commercial.  There must be some sort of relationship between the three of you.

Nicole:  Definitely.  We are all very much alike.  We get along very well. It's not like hating each other or any thing like that.  We really all do get along because we know the sacrifices that we put out on the ice.  We can relate to so many things about skating and just other fun stuff.

Interviewer: In addition to the fun stuff that you have gotten to experience, you have had some really tough times.  You kind of mentioned them and certainly the death of your coach before the 97 world championships.  How does that effect you even now?

Nicole:  Actually it's a lot better.  I still have to admit that I break down and cry about it.  It's been hard to get through, but I have had such a supportive group not only from my family but from my fans.  I know that after my long at nationals all I could think about was Carlo, and I could just picture him smiling.  It made me feel good, and I feel like he is with me in spirit.  I want to let him have another Olympic Champion, and that's what Iam going for.

Interviewer:Did he watch you skate to the music that you will perform here at the Olympics?

Nicole:Actually no, I skated to Giselle last year when he passed away, and he didn't know about this program , but I am sure he does now.

Interviewer:  What can you tell us about what we are going to be seeing of you here.  One of the thing I would like to ask you about it is that it seems that there are to parts of the program that are so critical: the jumps and the artistry.  Some are saying that you are one of the most elegant skaters that we will see at the Olympic games.

Nicole:I think for a fact that I have been doing it for so long is that it is something that comes very natural to me.  The ability to express my music and my feeling out there on the ice.  It's just a matter of combining the artistry and the jumps together.  You really have to keep your mind focused and just take one step at a time.  You know the audience really likes it and the judges do as well.It's also good for myself.  I plan to go out there and give it all I got.

Interviewer:  Give us an example of what your day is like.

Nicole:( she laughs)  Besides biting all my nails off?  I basically get up in the morning and skate form 10:15 to 11:30, and then I go home and have Cambell's soup ( interviewers laugh)Then I go back to the rink at 1:00 and I finish at 2:00. Then I go back home and take a nap and skate at 5:45 then I go home and have diner and then I go back at 7:30 then I go home and do some stretches and start the day all over again.

Interviewer:When you were at US Nationals and you saw Michelle Kwan skating.   How did that impact you?  What did you thin about it.  Were you happy with it?

Nicole: Actually, to be honest with you, I didn't watch, and I never do watch because I always feel that it is such a hard moment when the cameras are on you.  It's so hard to express any kind of emotions.  I just stayed into the locker room until it was over.

Interviewer:Have you seen a tape of it?  

Nicole:Actually, no(laughter). of myself, yes, but not off the other skaters.  I figure what they do is their thing and what I do is my thing.

Interviewer:Now we can provide some answers here.  Do you have any questions of what it's like in Nagano and what to expect?

Nicole:I don't know what to expect.  From what I have seen on tv, it looks so exciting.It looks like the people are so into it, and the whole Nagano is just full of Olympics.  That's all iIcan say.  I just can't wait to go there and be a part of it.

Interviewer:Well, we understand that you are going to be very popular here.  You skated a pro am a couple of years ago, and they loved you.  You even acknowledged they kinda like your blonde hair.(laughter)

Nicole:That's what I have heard, but I know they absolutely love Philippe Candeloro, so he deffinitely comes over me first.

Interviewer:Thanks for joining us.  We wish you the best, and we are looking forward to seeing you here.

Nicole:Thank You