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Breaking Bobek News
. Nicole wins the short program at Trophe Lalique!
. Nicole places third at Masters of Figure Skating!
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- Trophee Lalique-
How will Nicole place at Trophee Lalique?

Current Results

     Nicole Bobek is most possibly one of the the most talented figure skaters today. This blond bombshell amazes all skating fans with her speed, expression, charisma, beauty, and presence. Once she finishes her programs, skating fans beg for more.  On the other hand, Nicole's one major battle that she has yet to win is her everlasting battle with consistency. Unfortunately, she continues to have major ups and major downs. However, many consider Nicole to be one of the top figure skaters in the sport today. Nicole fans can guarantee that when Nicole steps out on the ice, she is anything but boring, good or bad.  I believe that ,in the long run, being a Nicole fan will be worth everyone's while.  I, for one, am proud to be a Bobek Maniac.



Please take note that I am not Nicole Bobek.  The only way to get in touch with her is though the mail.  ALL e-mails that are sent to me stating that I am Nicole will be unanswered.