This page is dedicated to all of Nicole's reviews from the Champion on Ice tour for the summer of 2000.

 Washington DC
Friday, April 7 2000

"Well, I just got back from COI in DC, and it was great, Nicole skated in the intro to " Man I feel Like a Woman" by shania twain, wearing a black halter top and skirt.

For her program, Nicole wore a new bright pink halter dress, and hair extentions. She skated to Mark Anonty's " Take Me There" and another techno song that I had never heard before. She landed a 2 toe, 3 toe, 2 axel, and 2 sal, and alot of nice spins and spirals and crowd flirting!

In the ending they all skated to Bolero and Nicole wore another pink outfit with a cropped shirt and flares.

Nicole looked like she was in very good shape and she seemed to be far more musical than previous years. She also looked very happy and enjoying the crowd more than I have seen before as well. "


"Nicole Bobek: Latin Medley "I Need To Know/Let's Get Loud" She looked shaky and came off the ice limping, but did her best to work the crowd. She wore a fluorescent pink and orange dress deeply cut down the front. Doubled most of her jumps. This is not one of her best routines, but she was probably holding back because of her injury. If you like salsa music, it helps."


"Nicole was there tonight--(maybe she really wanted to be onTV)---typical Nicole number, but can't remember the name of the music.  She landed a clean triple toe and double axel; everything else was doubled."


"Nicole Bobek -- I wanted to see how she'd do, and I thought she did well. Sheskated to some kind of pop-Spanish type music that I didn't recognize and worka bright pink sparkly thing. LOL. She began strong with a nice 3T and a hugesmile coming out of it. She later tacked on a 2A followed by a Beillman andthen a 3S. She would double an attempted 3T, but her energy was still allthere. The audience got into it and clapped along. Her energy was still verystrong, and she went into a fast camel spin. She added some rather wildillusions ( -- "but who cares" -- ) LOL."

Saturday, April 8 2000

Nicole Bobek landed a 2 toe, 2 axel, 2 axel, 2 toe, and didn't really seem to be "into" her program, at least from what I could see, I didn't really see a smile. Isn't she injured. I really wish that for once things could go right for her.


Nicole Bobek did a Ricky Martin (?) number. I think she must not be back to 100% yet. Did 2 double toes and 2 double axels.

Sunday, April 9 2000

"Nicole Bobek did okay (double axel) with her right ankletaped up. Program didn't do much for me. She did, however,win my Best Ensemble Skater of the Night award."


"Nicole Bobek skated to "I Need to Know" and "Let's Get Loud" with her right ankle heavily taped. Her skates looked like they had signatures on them; either that, or they were incredibly dirty. The program looked like it was designed for smaller ice since Nicole never came near any barrier. Jump-wise, she doubled her triple toe, but she did manage a big double axel. The second double axel attempt resulted in a waltz jump; it looked like she was setting up for a salchow and changed her mind at the last minute. There was also footwork into an intentional double toe at the end of the program. This was a typical bump-and-grind Nicole program, but I won't complain too much because she did include a full-length circular footwork sequence. It was nothing spectacular, but at least it was *something* besides her typical spiral, hydroblading move, and 3 standard spins (cannonball, Biellmann, and illusion)."

Long Island
Thursday, April 13, 2000

"Nicole didn't have a very good jumping night. She only landed a clean 2 axel, fell out of a 3toe, and popped a 2axel into 1axel and 3 toe into 2toe. Her program was entertaining though. She skates very well to upbeat music."

New York
Friday, April 14, 2000

"I went to champions on ice at Madison Square Garden in NY. Nicole looked like she was having a lot of fun, but as usual her technical stuff wasn't there."

New Jersey
Saturday, April 15, 2000

"Nicole didn't have a very good jumping night. She only landed a clean 2 axel, fell out of a 3toe, and popped a 2axel into 1axel and 3 toe into 2toe. Her program was entertaining though. She skates very well to upbeat music."

Sunday, April 16, 2000

"I just returned from the Champions On Ice in Hartford, CT It was awsome, Nicole was fun and charismatic.....she really looked like she was getting into her new program more than when she was on T.V. Her spins were very good, and her circular footwork was outstanding, right to the beat of the music. Unfortunatley her jumps failed her. It looks like she has changed the program she is doing a planed 2 axle rather than a 3 sal. Anyway today the jumps really weren't there. She fell on a 3 toe and singled her second 2 axle. She did do a nice 2 axle and a planned 2 toe. I wish she would get the jumps together...she has everything else!"