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.Nicole want to return to eligible skating in a different field. Click here to read more.
.I'm back from a four month break with updates.Click here to read more.
.Nicole placed second at world pros.Click here to read read more.
.Nicole did great at the Improv.Click here to read how she did.
.Nicole recently competed in the popular pro competition, Ice Wars.  She was a late minute replacement for Tara Lipinski.  Click here to read how she did.
.Nicole pictures from the Grand Slam can be found here.
.Click here to see final Nicole results of the 2000 Grand Slam.
.Nicole will officially turn profesional today, October 5th, when she competes in the Grand Slam.Click here to learn more.
.Nicole recently gave an interview on Skate Radio.  At the end of the interview, she announced that she is engaged to her Spanish boyfriend, Sergio Canavos.
.Find another new Nicole article here.
.You can check out a new Nicole article here.
.On her day off during the COI tour, Nicole went to a cubs game and sang. Click here to learn more.
.Nicole Champions on Ice reviews can be found here.
.Nicole suffered from an ankle injury on Wednesday, April 5. She was unable to skate in thr thursday COI show. There's a good chance she won't be on the TV broadcast of the tour.

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Nicole Bobek is one of the the most talented figure skaters today. This blond bombshell amazes all with her speed, expression, charisma, beauty, and presence. Once she finishes her programs, skating fans beg for more, and she has many different personalities that she portrays on the ice. Many consider Nicole to be one of the top figure skaters in the sport today. Nicole fans can guarantee that when Nicole steps out on the ice, she is anything but boring. I believe that,in the long run, being a Nicole fan will be worth everyone's while. I, for one, am proud to be a Bobek Maniac.

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